Making money in the vast, expansive space of today’s internet driven society is becoming ever-easier. As individuals in today’s world, we’ve adapted to an environment where our lives are constantly tethered to the world wide web. This adaptation has brought about a diverse means of business, enterprise, and engagement that has been taken advantage of by millions around the globe. In today’s article, we’ll be exploring one very important way of making money online by delving into the topic of affiliate marketing, particularly discussing the affiliate marketing program of one e-commerce company making waves. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it!


Literally everyone in today’s world knows and understands what it means to be an affiliate marketer. If you don’t then not to worry. We’ll be breezing through a brief refresher to enlighten you on the fundamental things you need to know about affiliate marketing and what it means to be an affiliate marketer.

Essentially, in Affiliate marketing, people (referred to as the affiliates) are responsible for popularizing product links of other people (typically those individuals who own the business, make the products or distribute them to a general customer base) with the sole aim of drawing in customers to patronize these products.

The Affiliate marketing structure has 4 basic pieces:

  • The merchant (the person, people, or organizations that advertise or own the product line. These individuals are those who own or control the product flow of the products, which could include manufacturing, storage, and distribution.)
  • The network (the structure that contains offers for the affiliates to choose from and take care of payments. This basically manifests in the form of a website with an included payment platform to provide information about the product, validate requests, and process payment.)
  • The publisher (that’s you, the affiliate. You’d generally be responsible for advertising the products and drawing in the customers. For every sale made based on your efforts, you get a percentage off it called a sales commission.)
  • The customer (the targets which the affiliates are supposed to draw in for the benefit of the merchant)

Although this represents the basic structure of an affiliate marketing network, the marketing world has grown in complexity to involve a robust affiliate marketing structure encompassing affiliate management agencies and third-party vendors.


Now that the starters have a basic understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how they can function as affiliate marketers, we can now explore affiliate marketing programs and look at how you can grow with one in particular.

Shopee is an e-commerce platform established in 2015 by Forrest Li, a Singaporean billionaire businessman. The company has its headquarters in Singapore and is generally popular in the Asian markets, although its roots spread across most parts of the world. It’s basic business model centers around C2C and B2C (consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer respectively). In brief, Shopee’s main ideals revolve around bridging the gap between buyers and sellers by creating a platform where both parties can communicate seamlessly and meet needs via supply and demand.

Becoming an affiliate marketer on Shopee is one way to make money through their platform, and it isn’t as complicated as you’d imagine. Being an affiliate marketer on Shopee basically means that you’d function as a middle man between Shopee and their customers and for every sale made through your efforts (i.e. a successful purchase made using your unique affiliate link), you earn a sales commission.


Signing up for the Shopee Affiliate program is a really easy process. The entire process takes just a few minutes, and you can begin selling promoting products just like that! However, Shopee doesn’t exactly have their affiliate marketing program hosted directly on their website. This program is hosted on their distinct affiliate system called Involve Asia.

That being said, to register on Shopee’s affiliate program, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Create your account on Involve Asia’s website. Here you’ll need to fill out all the necessary details like your name, email address, location, and other general form-like information.
  • After filling out the requisite information, the next step would be to get your affiliate dashboard going. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the tools on the Involve Asia website and get a handle on some functionality and payment operations. The Involve Asia dashboard is really friendly and interactive so this as well shouldn’t be a hassle.
  • After getting through these steps and your account gets verified by Involve Asia, you then apply for the Shopee Affiliate program. Once your application is validated, you generate your unique affiliate link and can then begin promoting Shopee’s products.


The Shopee affiliate marketing program isn’t absolutely perfect. It does have its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s look at some of them.


  • Low upfront costs. Starting and setting up your account may come with some attached fees, but you really don’t spend anything considerable when doing this.
  • Pay-for-performance model. The pay-for-performance model ensures that you get rewarded for every ounce of hard work put into a sale.


  • Shopee has a very strong presence in Asian markets but may not receive strong engagement from other markets around the world.
  • Shipping could be a concern sometimes.
  • Sales commission rates could be really low.

Weighing the balance between the various strengths and weaknesses of this program is important to making the best decision when it comes to becoming a Shopee affiliate marketer.


BK8 is an affiliate marketing network solely dedicated to the business of hosting and helping affiliate marketers around the world. They are a brand which hosts products and allow for affiliate marketers to not only promote their products, but offer the aid of an affiliate manager to help them push other products on AliExpress, Shoppee, and other online retail sites around the globe.


The BK8 affiliate marketing program can be an immense game changer for both you and your business. But why exactly should you choose us as your main affiliate marketing partner? Well, we have a couple reasons:


Strategy Tips

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Valued Partnership

One of the most important cultures to imbibe as an upcoming affiliate is that of partnerships and connections. At BK8 affiliates, we enable you with the appropriate means to broaden your connections and deepen your affiliate marketing relationships, consequently allowing you to reach industry leaders and influence the right audience at the right moments.



At BK8 affiliates, we offer an environment that not only helps you grow your business, but also helps you scale. If you’re thinking about expanding, our affiliate program gives immense room to allow for this at speed and at minimal cost.


Unique Affiliate Marketing Solutions

At BK8 Affiliates, we offer the best, up-to-date, and battle-tested solutions to help you expand and support your affiliate marketing ambitions. We are not only a leading service and support company, but we are also a group that sees our clients and affiliates as partners and valued assets. That being said, we will be willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our partners receive the best quality service and support they need to burst through the ranks in their affiliate marketing journey.


A large pool of Affiliate Marketers

With more and more people venturing into self-employment and business exploration, affiliate programs are in high demand. These affiliate programs have given rise to a large pool of affiliates to work with. This is especially the case with BK8 affiliates. Our program has attracted affiliates from far and wide. This offers the opportunity for newbies and upcomers to gain knowledge and expertise from these affiliates by interacting with them via our network.


The BK8 affiliate marketing program rates are one of the best in the world. With our platform, you can earn up to 40% commission per sale. At BK8 affiliates, we understand that our affiliate partners are our biggest assets. Thus, our affiliate fates are structured to initiate the most satisfaction whilst staying competitive.


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